Sunday, May 30, 2010


As a "companion" Blog, I wanted to separate my own experiences as a self-published author/artist that I write about in my Visual Art By Joseph Blog from the wealth of information and resources already available to visual artists.  As self-publishers & artists we continuously navigate the net for "author services" and connections with our colleagues.  The connections that we make and the resources that we discover, many times, is the result of our googling keywords and phrases.  I use this method myself.  I then bookmark the treasures that I find, as I'm sure that most of you do too.  That scrapbooking has inspired this blog as one more vehicle to help us to connect the dots so that we can minimize the steepness of our learning curve and make our sales while we are still "living" authors.

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  1. Thanks for the web address clarification.

    I have a blog and a website that help self- publishers.

    Michael N. Marcus

    Independent Self-Publishers Alliance,