Friday, June 25, 2010


Countless talented writers who desire publication of their work may find it more important to find a  publisher for their book first.  Hindsight is always better than 20/20.  There are a thousand-plus publishers/printers world -wide that are easily accessible via the Internet. Many prey on the regular gal or guy that has a literary piece of work to share.

If you are not knowledgeable . . . be cautious   My hindsight experience is that it is important to (first) connect with your peers for advise and guidance. Most struggling artists are happy to share their experiences and those that have received recognition have not forgotten their trials. Meetup Groups for the most part is comprised of folks that are eager to share.

The Meetup Group is called Get Published Now!. The founder of this meetup group, Beth Barany, she is an accomplished self-publisher who has also dedicated her time to help people to publish their works.  Please note that Beth is one of many resources available to the to-be-authors in the self publishing community.  But also recognize that she is an accomplished and well recognized self-publisher.

On the global scale my blog "advise" to assist self-publishers get recognized is small by comparison  . . . but collectively we all have an opportunity to be recognized.  With the grace of god, we can all be compensated along our journey.  My goal is to be compensated while I'm a living visual artist.

The Get Published Now! Meetup Group is worth being a member of . . . at the closing of this blog be assured that I will become a member.

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