Thursday, September 13, 2012

Don't join a Meetup Group . . . If you can't stay connected

My last post to this blog was June 25, 2010 . . . As a self-published writer seeking to make connections with other self-publishers, I made a major mistake.  In my blog on this site, almost two years ago . .  I shared that meetup groups was an important way to connect with like-minded folks.  I even mentioned Beth Barney who has a meetup group that I joined; Get Published Now.  Meetup groups can only be a valid resource to connect with other writers if you "Stay In Touch" and be an active member.

I got side tracked with my own artistic projects and failed to be active in this meetup group.  I did what many folks do, I rationalized that I because I was a "member of the group" that it was O.K to be a "passive member" via reading online updates.  My thought process was incorrect.  I will be contacting the two meetup groups that I have joined to inquire if my current time constraints qualifies me to continue to be a member or whether I should withdraw my membership.  I could have made this inquiry to the meetup groups offline, but when errors are made publicly, I feel they should be apologized and corrected publicly.

Don't join a Meetup Group . . . If you can't stay connected 

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